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gift shop filled with cute and tasty Yakushima products
~ Pukarido ~

Pukarido is a gift shop with a selection of attractive and delicious Yakushima products, located approximately 5 minutes by foot from Yakushima airport. Numerous foods, sweets, and Yakusugi (Yakushima cedar tree) handicrafts are all available for purchase in a well-lit, open shop. "Sunao Yakushima" is an accessory brand using Yakusugi and natural stone which was launched in 2018 from Pukarido. The accessories are popular among female customers and the store also has a workshop to make original bracelets. 

Bracelet Workshop

Create your own original bracelet by combining Yakusugi (Yakushima cedar tree) and natural stones!

Feel free to drop by when you have some spare time or when the weather is bad!

Fee: 1,500 JPY~ 

per bracelet (tax excluded)

store information

open 8:30 to 18:00 daily

※closed on Wednesday December to February

5~7 minute walk from Yakushima airport, 3 minute walk from Nagamine bus stop

address: 719-39 Koseda, Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima 


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